Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just a Few Pictures from Bonnie's Trunk Show

Well, I'm off this morning in about an hour to attend Bonnie's workshop on Jared Takes a Wife...FINALLY!  Lol*  We've been waiting so long for this!  Last night was her trunk show and it was every bit as awesome as I had imagined.  You quilty bloggers really came through on this was just as good as you promised!

I was reading through the beginning pages of my Quilter's Album by Jinny Beyer recently, and she spoke about a women from, what I want to say was the late 1800's, who was the first lady to really get on the road with her quilts and do lectures and teach patchwork patterns.  Isn't it ironic and interesting that we as quilters still love that style of sharing today?  One hundred years later, even with all the technology available and tools for teaching, we LOVE to see our teachers up close and personal with their quilts.  I think that is just fascinating.  I have read about Bonnie's lectures, I have seen a million shots of her quilts online and in books but there was nothing like seeing her in person and getting up close and personal with the actual quilts.  :)

 Of course I bought two of her books and had them signed!!!!  :)  Off to her workshop now, I'm so excited!  Will share many pictures and more thoughts later...  ;)

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