Monday, March 24, 2014

Pamela's Baby Quilt

I have sooo many exciting things to share, I'm going to have to space it all out within a few posts.  First, I want to share Pamela's baby quilt - she sent this to me recently for quilting and I just finished...I think it turned out so darn cute!

I am always very concerned with fusible applique - depending on the fusible you use and the method you use to secure it, quilting can damage it.  Fortunately Pamela's quilt was able to hold up to some additional detail.  Not something I can always do - but this time it worked out really well.  I think it added a lot of character to her already adorable quilt too.

I used my favorite Glide Thread in five or six different colors on this - and a single layer of Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Here is a closeup of the monkey with a little light manipulation so you can better see the quilting - I quilted that little belly button onto him and I just thought it turned out adorable!!  It was on a whim too as I hadn't included it into the mock up but I knew once I got into the quilt that it needed something else to secure that tummy down.  DETAILS are my absolute favorite part of quilting!

I also received some fun mail today!!!!  Four of the pantographs I have designed with Patricia Ritter over at Urban Elementz have arrived!!!!!  I will share them all next post...yay!

I hope everyone is getting some quilting done out there in blogland!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vickie's Sew Spooky Quilt

Here I am!  Things are getting C-R-A-Z-Y here!  This past week I have been avoiding the computer somewhat as Hubby came down with that yicky flu that the girls had, and we keep our computer in the bedroom.  All I could think was - GERMS!  It's been a full 7 days now since he's been sick so I'm feeling like I may have gotten a free pass on the flu this time.  *fingers crossed*  In any case - back to the computer as I have a lot of work to catch up on!

First I want to share Vickie's quilt - it is called Sew Spooky by The Quilt Company.  Visit Vickie's blog and send her some nice comments about her lovely quilt!

This quilt is so adorable and was so much fun to work on.  I really think the McTavishing with swirls was perfect for the pattern.  I tried to add sweet little details anywhere I could - this quilt is definitely a feast for the eyes...something everywhere to look at and interest you!  :)  Thank you again Vickie for allowing me to work on your adorable quilt!  It is headed home today!

I also wanted to share that new patterns are up now on Urban Elementz!  I am super excited to say - I have my own little Designer Page even!!!  I'm so excited and honored to be involved with them - it is a dream come true, truly!
In other news - I turned 33 on Friday!!!  I don't know if I am excited about this or a little scared.  I'm that much closer to 40 - the age that my parents will forever be in my mind...even though now they are well into their 60's.  I had such a wonderful day though - my Husband spoiled me rotten, and I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed every moment of it.  He and my parents bought me gift cards so I could buy what I wanted at the craft store, and I bought a hoard of art supplies.  I have been scrapbooking and making time for paint and art.  :)  If you would like to see my artsy endeavors, I have decided to keep them seperate from this blog as I know many of my pals here are here for the quilts - you can visit my artsy/nonsense blog at

Happy Quilting!! 

- Valerie :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014

Vickie's Sew Spooky Quilt - In Progress

Oh my - I have really been slacking on my blogs lately!  It's been quite busy here.  Busy in a wonderful way for the most part - I love having quilts to work on.  Though, a few days ago, not one - not two - but all three of my daughters came down with the flu on the same day all within about an hour of each other!  In some ways I'm grateful it was all at once rather than each going down like flies throughout the week.  I had to forgo a few days of quilting, but I'm playing catch up over the weekend.

Here are a few shots of Vickie's quilt - it is called Sew Spooky by The Quilt Company.  Vickie did an amazing job piecing this quilt - it is all needle turned applique and the stitches are darn near invisible.  Everything is very square and accurate - which makes things that much easier when quilting.  :)

Planning on quilting through the weekend, barring that I don't catch the yicks from the girls.  *Fingers crossed!* 

If you can believe it, because I hardly can, my 33rd birthday is coming up in a week.  Where has this year gone?

Happy Quilting!

- Valerie :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Linda's Masterpiece

I have been calling this quilt Linda's masterpiece quilt - because it truly is a stunner.  I am beyond honored that I had the good fortune to be selected to quilt it for her. 

I really loved working on this - and I'm thrilled with how it came out.  I learned some sneaky tricks to avoid backtracking as I go along too, especially in those pinstriped areas.  Wheew!  Loved quilting it, but I can't say that I am not relived to be done, this one was intense!  :)

Hope everyone out in quilt land is keeping warm - we had a high of 4 degrees today!  :)