Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Susan's Quilts Finished! A Blue and White Beauty and a Winter Wonderland Themed

It's almost been another month.  Where does the time go?  I think my children have come to an age that they steal the day away from me (of course I love spending my days with them!) and before I know it, it's bed time.  :)  It's been a busy summer full of library visits, slip n'slides, and trips to the zoo.  We've been having a good time, and they are keeping me running, that's for sure!  Today they are off with my In-Laws for an adventure at the local amusement park.  I cannot say I'm not enjoying this day of peace and catching up on work that has been looming over my head!  I hate to say it, but I am looking forward to the peace and quiet that will come when school starts.  This year my second youngest daughter is not in pre-school, so I'm hoping to get the kids on the bus and not spend the day running to and from three different schools all day.  I long to work on fun quilting!

So what have I been doing quilt-wise?  Well I won't lie with all the kids home I'm moving at a slower pace, but steady nonetheless.  I just recently finished Susan's blue and white quilt...and I have to tell you, this is my FAVORITE kind of quilting.  She also picked just a perfect backing for it, I wish I had  taken a better photo!  It was white and blue - kind of like a french toile.  It was just perfect for this quilt.

We used two layers of batting for the nice lofty look -it gives such great definition for a quilt that is going to receive a lot of quilting.  Glide thread in the top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Some of you who enlarge the photographs and like to look close might catch two little patches on the corner of a star that I missed - I did fix those before sending home.  Due to time constraints I did not go back and take new photos, but rest assured it was quilted!  :)

Below is a little photo of the mock up I sent to Susan - some folks express they like to see these!  :)  It also gives you an idea of how much the quilting really can add to a quilt.  Susan's quilt measured approximately 96" x 67".

I actually did two quilts for Susan, I cannot believe I almost forgot to share!  This sweet little Bear Paw winter wonderland themed quilt was SO MUCH FUN to work on.  It took as long as some of the larger quilts I have quilted if you can believe it.  I think the end result is gorgeous though, I really love it.

Again I used two layers of Hobbs 80/20.  I went with very simple quilting in the borders because I knew the applique would cover a portion towards the top of the quilt.  I really find that some quilting in small borders like this one really help maintain the neatness and square shape of the top.  The only recommendation I might make to folks working with similar quilts is to add a border to the outside to help prevent distortion with those bias edges.  Both this quilt and the blue and white quilt will likely have some issues hanging straight without blocking, and primarily it's the outer borders.  I always do what I can to pull things in, but that additional stay stitching OR an additional border will really help keep it from distorting...even adding the binding could stretch it a little bit.

This is totally my kind of quilt though.  I just love everything about it.  I know a lot of folks are not fans of pebbles but I am!  I think they are so classic.

This one measures 41" x 41".  I used primarily Superior Threads Omni for this quilt because I had plenty of variety of colors on hand that would match.

Love the quilting in the bears too.  I wanted to add some detail and texture that looked a bit like fur.  I was just recently telling a fellow machine quilter that I often refer to cartoon drawings for children and illustrations to get ideas for quilting in characters like this.  Those large open spaces definitely needed something though.

All in all I am pleased and I think Susan is too!  They should be arriving home any day now. 

Also - I just discovered that around 20 or so comments were stuck in moderation!  Please forgive me for the delay in posting and replies!!!  I just released them and will get back with all of you soon!

In other news I think just about all that is on the tv is talk about the Republican National Convention which is currently taking place about 45 minutes from me, and the heat wave that is about to hit this part of the country!  I am preparing to lose power and likely quilting time this week.  Maybe a run for ice cream is order.

Happy Quilting!