Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two Days Left for FREE SHIPPING Anywhere in the US

I have just three Kona Roll Ups, one Kona Skinny Roll, and One Kona Fat Quarter Bundle left in my Etsy shop - just TWO DAYS left to use the code found on Instagram for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Modern Dear Jane in Progress

Today I'm finishing up chores around the house and spending the day working on Rusty's Dear is so very modern and bright!

I am using one layer of batt provided by Rusty - I believe it's Hobbs 80/20 - Glide thread for quilting.  I thought about using monopoly in all of the color patches but I'm not a fan of the shine it creates.

After working on these blocks (I believe there are more than a 100 of them) - I think I'll be able to get away with solid black only.  I am loving this quilt...I have never wanted to make a Dear Jane so badly as I do now after seeing it in this rainbow colorway!

*cough cough*  Just a reminder that I may have something to help you make your own rainbow quilt...
Kona Solids Skinny Roll - $24 ($4 shipping anywhere in the US)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I am so excited!  I have decided to sell fabric!  I am starting small for now - just ordering some items for my own work/projects and additional to sell.  I just ordered a boat load of Kona Solid Pre Cuts and have added them to my Etsy shop!  I pre-ordered a few more Kona bundles/rolls that will be here early August.  Orders will be different each time but I will try to get what's new and popular...but also what I like!!  :)  This batch was solids - looking at some 30's Repro/Traditional/Civil War items next.  I will make every attempt to keep prices competitive and reasonable - and shipping rates as low as I can.  If you are looking for something specific just ask - I may be able to order it - I am excited!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cheryl's Sew Spooky - Finished!

Woohoo!  My third Sew Spooky quilt is on the books, I had a great time working on this.  I kind of thought I might get bored only because I've quilted it so many times - but I really didn't!  I had a lot of fun!

I think part of the fun was in thinking up new designs for blocks I have already quilted.  I love the design process.

At Cheryl's request I used double batting (and I am so glad she asked because I LOVE the definition of double batting) - it really helped fill the appliques with little or no quilting.  Love this look!

I used Glide thread in black, orange, and a tan color called "wheat" for the entire quilt.  The majority of the ditch work was with "wheat".

I really love diagonal lines - though of course you need to space them as accurately as possible, I think with a quilt like this with an almost folk art feeling, I didn't worry if they weren't absolutely perfect.  Just neat and not goal was to give this quilt life with textures - not just quilt it o death.

I think it turned out great!  I love this quilt!  

I am catching up on emails over the next week - I found about a dozen stuck in my spam folder, so if I didn't reply to yours I apologize!  I have some big exciting things happening over here that I'm thrilled to share with you...I've been quiet I know, but absolutely working the entire time!  :)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cheryl's Sew Spooky

Trying to get back in the quilting groove and really enjoying myself.  I have made quite a bit of progress on my dahlia quilt but I get side tracked and enjoy working on other things.  The string of patriotic quilts on display around the quilting blogs and Facebook have me inspired to make some decorations!

Here are a few in progress shots of Cheryl's Sew Spooky quilt.  This is the third Sew Spooky I've worked on in the past year so I'm trying to make it different...I want to include some of the fun elements that she liked that drew her to ask me to quilt it for her...but also some fun new details to keep it fresh.  Here's what I've got so far...

Keeping it short and sweet today as I hear bickering children in the other room where the baby is sleeping.  Gahh!!

Happy fourth of July to those in the states!  :)