Friday, February 26, 2010

Makeup Giveaway :)

Jean is celebrating her one year blogging anniversary with an amazing giveaway...check her out! ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It seems I've traded my quilts for...

note cards.
This is how I spend my evenings! UGH!!! Just got my first test grade for anatomy. I studied for hours, HOURS! I'm not doing terrible, I got a 76% C on my lecture test and 98% A on my lab test so combined I got an 87% B. This class is BRUTAL! Lol* Lots of "all of the above", "none of the above", "A and C only", or "A and D only" questions. Believe it or not that mediocre grade has me at the eighth highest grade in the class out of 200 students. Is that crazy or what? I literally cried when I saw that C though...I studied SO hard and really thought I'd gotten at least a B! That is so disappointing. But I'm happy I'm passing with a decent grade as the average grade in the class is I think 64% or 67% D.

Edited to add on 02-17-10: During lecture the professor gave us the exact stats - average grade for the class at this moment is a 62% . He said we did better than classes in the past have on the first exam. WOW! Feeling way better about my 87% average now! :)

Anatomy is still my favorite class even though it's insanely difficult. Chemistry is a struggle, mostly because the math is a challenge for me, but I'm pulling through. I have been fortunate enough to get a few breaks on some of my mistakes so just trying to keep it up.

I have barely had a spare moment as my classes are SO intense this semester. I did so well last term that it's just incredibly tough to see all these C's and B's on quizzes and tests, but I know the classes are progressively getting more difficult to start weeding students out. It's a good thing, but not necessarily a fun thing to endure. Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement, I sure need it! Hopefully I make it out of nursing school in one piece. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just a Blurb! :)

Good morning Blogland! I have only a minute or two free but I wanted to update all my blogging buddies on what's going in over here. So far...STUDYING, and STUDYING, and then more STUDYING! The workload this semester is kicking my patoot! My two most intense classes are Anatomy and Chemistry...I like both of them but man do I ever have to work hard to get a mediocre grade in those classes! I got a C on my first Chem quiz, and A on the last. I did pretty good in Anatomy, a B on the first quiz and I'm waiting to hear about the second. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that class. The lab is totally the best...I look forward to it all day. I think if I weren't going into nursing, I might even enjoy microbiology or something along those lines. Super fun! :) Math is extremely fast paced this semester...I have two classes that are each a half a semester long, but to squeeze them in we cover two to three sections per class...and I have class twice a week for an hour and a half each day. WOWSA! I'll be lucky if I get a B in that class...I bombed my first two quizzes but got an A on the last one. I was kicking myself too because it was pressure and stress more than not knowing how to do the work. I'm going to school tomorrow even though I don't have classes on Friday to study for Anatomy and meet up with the Math Professor for some extra help. Lots of prayers that I can get an A on the final and still manage a B! :) I can't move on to the next class with a C and it'll set me back an entire semester for the nursing program if I don't stay on I'm a little stressed! :) Lol* I'm literally spending HOURS every night studying, but you know what? I love it. It's awesome so far. :)

Ok, so off to take the oldest to school, then me and the little one are going to my school to study...then class. Back to work!!! ;)