Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Oh yeah, I've been a lousy blogger I know it. Lol* Life has recently become very hectic! I've been doing a lot of baking for the holidays - part of how I make a little extra money for Christmas each year, in addition to the little boy I babysit. I've also been redecorating my oldest daughter's room in a garden theme...right now I'm working on painting a fence on all of the walls, but being so busy I can only paint a little every night! Oh my. Thank goodness we're not hosting Thansgiving this year because it's just a cluttery mess. Our folded laundry has taken up what seems to be a permanent residence on the front living room couch, as I can't get into my oldest's room while I'm working on painting, and I just run out of time to put the rest away! Lol* I do a little each day but it just doesn't seem to disappear! Lol* One of the downfalls of having two living rooms - one is functional while the other just seems to accumulate things until I can't stand it anymore. Lol*

I've done a lot of Christmas sewing, but not much I can show here because they are a secret! Lol* Here's a little peak of the lap quilt I'm making for my Husband's Grandmother...she doesn't read my blog so I'm pretty safe to share...but only a peak just in case!

I also purchased some books...the one on cathedral windows by Lynne Edwards I'm most excited about. I can't wait until I get some free time to try it!!! I was also really happy about Spotlight on Scraps by Cyndi Walker. While I don't know how many quilts I might actually make from it, I'm a fan and excited to add the book to my collection. I was hoping for designs more like the she has for sale on her website (, but, I'm happy with the book none the less. If anything now I feel like I need to hoard up the ones on her website! Lol* This tote pattern in particular is so flippin' cute! Oh I love it! :)
Well, I made a pumpkin roll that's cooling and a flourless chocolate cake (a fabulous recipe from Taste of Home) that needs to be pulled out of the oven so I'm off...hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and full bellies. :)