Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Few More Appliqué Blocks

I finished a few more appliqué blocks on Darlene's floral appliqué quilt yesterday.  This quilt really is a joy to work on.  I have had a lot of questions about the pattern - it's called "Feels Like Spring" by Smith Street Designs.  It's an embroidery pattern - meaning you'll need to have an embroidery machine to create it...and after seeing all of the beautiful flower details that can be created I have to say an embroidery machine is on my Christmas list already!  The lily of the valley block below is my favorite of the entire quilt...

I have Darlene's quilt scheduled through the end of April and although I've been a madwoman getting quilts completed these past few weeks, I'm certainly feeling almost 9 months pregnant and am taking my time with this one.

I had a bit of a long and exhausting weekend and yet another coming up this weekend.  Baby Dr. appointments are now two weeks apart now and honestly, though I know they are good for baby and me both, they are a total inconvenience!  LOL  We have a busy schedule as it is and I'm so grateful I have a Husband who likes to come with me.  So we go on his days off but it is out of town and right now they mainly just measure my tummy and check her heartbeat.  I think my appointment coming up this week I will have another ultrasound to get an idea for how much she weighs - so that I am really looking forward to.

Just a few more weeks - I have a scheduled cesarean planned for the end of May, so a few more quilting posts and then hopefully I'll be able to share some photos of our newest little addition!  :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Darlene's Kaleidescope and A Feathery Floral in Progress

Getting a lot of finishes done lately - I'm getting kind of excited at the idea of having a whole month just to clean house, organize, and work on my own quilt.  Baby comes in about six weeks!

Here's a few shots of Darlene's Kaleidescope quilt...

I had a lot of fun quilting this little one.  I want to say it's only 40 x 40?  I was able to get it done in one work day which is rare unless I'm doing an E2E or pantograph!  :)  I used Glide thread which I love for things like all overs and also straight line quilting.

Her next quilt is a lovely floral appliqué that we decided to go a little more detailed with.  For this one I'm using all Bottom Line thread in both the top and the bobbin.

More photos to come as this one will likely take me a little longer...not only is it a large quilt but there will be lots of pebbling and detail work.  I'm looking forward to it though - it feels very very summery!  :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

"Our" MQX Blue Ribbon Winner!

I spent most of yesterday floating on cloud nine...I have a ton of work today so it's back to reality.  But I DO have some wonderful and exciting news to share...
Remember this quilt I worked on last fall that ribboned at the 2015 Tuscon Quilt Fiesta guild show?  Well it won FIRST place in the Quilts Among Friends category at MQX East!!!

"Better Than Prozac" by Barbara Moran (quilted by me!)

Woohoo way to go Barbara!  That's a mighty fine BLUE ribbon!

I am OVER THE MOON to say the least.  The very best part for this long arm quilter?  MQX is one of the few shows that also awards a ribbon to the quilter as well as the piecer!  I only saw one hanging on the quilt at the show and often times you'll see both hanging right on the I double checked with Janet-Lee and she confirmed that I indeed will get a ribbon.  I can't tell you what a big deal that is to me!  It is just so rare to get any recognition as the quilter at all outside of a mention in passing on the description card...and I passionately believe it should be the standard at all shows.  I do a lot of quilting on quilts intended for show, and knowing just how HARD you work as the quilter to likely never see it again...that ribbon is a really stinking big deal to me!

I just finished up an intense custom that if I can I will try and share a few sneaks of.  It's kind of a hush hush quilt so I cannot share full photos.  I'm also finishing up a baby quilt today and have two more really amazing quilts lined up that I'm anxious to share.

WHEEW!  What a busy week!  I'm thrilled to share this exciting news and hope all of you out in blog land are doing well!  It's starting to feel like SPRING!  :)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Slow Posting - But I AM Working!

 I know I've been slow posting as of late but I HAVE been working.  I recently finished two customer quilts that requested my pantograph designs...woohoo!

Here's a few shots of Darlene's quilt...she requested Felicity for this lovely spring quilt:

...and here are a few shots of Cindy's quilt...she requested Sonnet.  I mistakingly went with the Petit oh my it took me a LONG time on this over sized queen quilt!  Cindy loves to send me huge quilts so I always smile when she tells me she has a "small" one coming my way...

In other works I have a large queen on the frame that is being custom quilted and a couple of really beautiful projects on the way!  More photos to come!  :)