Monday, May 26, 2008

Blogs are like houses...

sometimes you need to move a few times before you settle down!

Here I am! Right here! This is my new place in blogland! :) Why the move you ask? Well, sometimes you just need a fresh start, and that's where I am in my blogging journey.

I also try to keep my promises. A few posts ago on my previous blog, I promised a big surprise! Well, it's a two parter...

# 1. I've moved my blog! But if you're here, then, you probably already knew that. Lol*

# 2. I'm having a give away! A while back, I won over on Anne's blog, for her Pay it Forward Give Away. Woohoo! Anne is an amazing quilter, and if you haven't been to her blog yet, you must go visit her! She has been one of the largest inspirations to me since I've been blogging and learning to quilt, and also one of the most encouraging. For that reason, I'm ecstatic to be able to PIF with her! Thanks Anne! If you'd like a chance to PIF and win, read the give away details at the end of this post.

Thank you for stopping by, and hopefully moving with me to this new place in the blogosphere. :)
Now, what you're really here for! Lol*

So this is it! The first of three hand made items I will be giving away. Ok, well it's not as much now as it will be. When she (or he) has been selected as a winner, I will be sure to get this little quilt finished and bound and on it's way. Is it at all familiar? LoL* Remind you at all of any, oh, say, quilty blogs you've visited recently? Hehehe :) It is a modified version of a pattern I designed, inspired by my new blog! :)

I have been uber blessed to connect with so many wonderful people through blogging. If you've been vising blogs very long, then you know that blogland is home to some of the most thoughtful, and generous people, ever. I am so amazed at how many people have been willing to share tips, techniques, and even mail little goodies and gifts to me - without ever seeing my face! While the Internet can surely be a uncertain place, it, at the same time, can be an outlet for people to express their true giving, kind, and compassionate nature. So thank you to all of you who have shared with me! I sure hope that someone, somewhere, will enjoy what I have to share with you!

Give Away Guidelines:
1. Leave a comment! Leave a comment to this post anytime between now and June 30th, and a name will be drawn on July 1st announcing the winner. :)
2. Don't forget your contact info! I've noticed a lot of people around the blogs are set no-reply when they please check to make sure I can respond to your comment, or leave an email so that I can let you know if you win. :)
3. Pay it Forward! This is the fun part. All that is asked from the winner of this give away, is to pay it forward, and give away something to three different people on their own blog within the next six months. I absolutely love the PIF idea, and it's a great excuse to keep the cycle of generosity among bloggers going. :)

*This is my very first give away, though I've participated in many others, so I hope you like the little quilt, and good luck! :)