Monday, December 31, 2018

A New Year and Many Changes

It has been a few years since I last posted - my oh my! Where has the time gone?! I must be honest that it has been less than easy to look back over this blog and all of the memories contained within it. Many changes have occurred since I last shared with you all. I have not been quilting really at all - and if you are curious as to why and follow the Pumpkin Patch Quilter Facebook page I have shared a little bit of back story as to the reason I have been away. For the sake of my family and my own well being, that is all that I want to share at this time - and my time away from the quilting world. My heart is full with the warmth and kindness with which you all have welcomed me back, I truly thank you for that!

Currently, I am going back to college full time and attempting yet gain to finish that undergraduate degree that got away from me so many years ago! My days are extremely full and busy, but I am having a wonderful time learning and growing. My children are growing too - and it is incredible to witness.

Quilting was difficult for a little while but I am thrilled to find myself again inspired again to sew. I am not really sure to what capacity I will continue my quilting business. I am in a new home - and my long arm is still not up and running. My hopes are to change that here over winter break.

In the mean time, I do have the Juki set up and have been dabbling. Here are a few photos of what I am currently making.

This is free hand doodling basically. I am using cotton thread on top that literally was just laying around and happened to match - it is from Connecting Threads. In the bobbin is Glide in an off white shade. Doubled the polyester batting - just some scraps. The plan is to paint this a little - and then who knows what.

My schedule is hectic so if you email, forgive me for taking a little time to respond, but I assure you that I will respond. So many things have happened during my absence, and one of the things I was so very saddened to discover is that Machine Quilting Unlimited is no more! What a wonderful publication that magazine was and it will be greatly missed. I suppose I have a lot of exploring to do to see how my favorite quilters have changed and grown!