Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Late Loser Report, and a Topper

I've done a little bit of sewing, here's a top completed a little late for Christmas. These were Moda charms I bought from Fat Quarter Shop, and I was a little disappointed that they weren't all consistently cut to 5 inches. I shouldn't have assumed that they would be, and being the lazy quilter I am, once I started sewing and realized that they weren't, I just kept going. Not such a big deal with this project, but glad I know now to square them up before I use them in something I really care about. This makes me very hesitant to purchase dye cut hexagons or something of that sort now. On the plus side, there was a bonus 1 and 1/2 charms in the pack.

I'm reporting late again, I know it! Lol* I've had a hectic week so far.

Monday evening my youngest came down with what I think was a touch of a stomach virus.

Tuesday, like much of the nation, I was captivated by the inauguration of President Barack event that was on nearly every television channel for most of the day. That was something to see, let me tell you. I loved that the first words you could see him mouth, after taking the oath, were to his wife Michelle. He said, "I love you". Oh, melt my heart.

Today, my dryer decided it was time to retire. He runs but he no longer heats. So Friday you can anticipate we'll be dryer shopping. :)
So on with my report. I haven't been exercising but hopefully that will come. Isn't taking care of two children and one part-time enough? *sigh* My hips say no. So this is what a girl on a budget eats when she's trying to find her figure least for breafast anyhow.

NO - I didn't eat it all at once Sharon!!! Lol*


Julie in the Barn said...

Cute topper. Good luck with the dryer shopping. That sort of thing always happens at the worst time like right after Christmas when the budget is strained, doesn't it? For me it has been car issues. Arggg.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm so glad you said that about the 5" squares not being squre - I bought several charm packs this week and was just going to sew them together as they are - I loved the fabrics and wanted just a simple top made from them. Now I know I better check the measurements before I start! blessings, marlene

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I had no idea the charms weren't evenly cut. So glad you mentioned that. Loved the looks of your scraps...why is it, that everyone elses scraps look so much nicer than my own????