Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Things

I've cooled down a little since my last post. Lol* I was having a moment. Gosh darnit, and I'll have a moment if I want to on my very own blog. :) Thank you very much! Lol* I'm still upset about my red fabric, but I took Leah's advice and cut around the spots and made something else out of it. I am thinking now that it wasn't the sunlight that caused the faded spots, I think it came off the bolt that way. I just didn't catch it when she was cutting. Oh well, what can you do. :) Live and learn I guess. I'm just going to have to be a little choosier from now on, 'cause I may not be a fabulous quilter (yet! lol*) but I'd like my itty bitty quilts to be around for a little while. I am proud of my little masterpieces! Lol* Even if they aren't fancy. I gotta make my $8 worth of fabric last!!! Lol* A girl on a budget can get a little testy when her fabric money's wasted, you know. Lol* On to other things. :)

I made a few of these little pillows yesterday, and gave one as a gift to a sewing buddy who has been very generous to me. She hasn't received it yet, so I hope she likes it. :) I stitched all the buttons & yo-yo's on by hand - there's no hot glue here! Lol* The little white buttons are a from a jar of gorgeous old buttons my Mother gave me. She picked them up at a sale and was so sweet to give them to me when I was eyeing them in her sewing room. Some of the buttons are very old, some are shiny mother-of-pearl, and some that look like they were pulled from old worn out clothing. I love the look of all those buttons randomly mixed together. :) Makes you wonder about all the places they have been. (Although, some of these buttons may have spent a good amount of time in someone's stinky laundry pile, so, maybe reality isn't as romantic as I like to imagine things...Lol*)

Also made this little yo-yo doodad. Don't know what I'll do with it. I'd planned on adding more to it, and maybe I still will, but for now I'm tired of sewing yo-yo's, so, on to something else. Lol*

Made this block for a guild BOM...I'm really loving the black and white and blue! I was inspired by another lady's black and white block, and I'm so glad I switched my colors. Her quilt is going to be gorgeous. Hope mine will be too!

Oh, and last but not least, my little quilt minus the crappy red fabric...lol* I've promised away many quilted throws, so this is likely to become a gift. ;) Have the back all pieced together, just need to buy batting. Will show it off again when it's quilted & bound. :)


Unknown said...

Hi Pumpkin patch Quilter,

I love your log cabin block! That is beautiful and looks like a great beginning to a great quilt. Is that your plan? I've always said that Flying Geese was my favorite quilt but I may have to adjust that to include a Log Cabin quilt. Mom

Bob and Diana said...

Hey There! I am sorry to hear about the problem you had with the red fabric. Can you put it in your Dust Rag collection? -- Dad

Julie in the Barn said...

Cute little dodads. I love buttons, too. I have an old quart canning jar full of old buttons.

I love the log cabin. The colors are wonderful. What size are your blocks?

Angela said...

Very sweet things! Someone is going to be happy with their giftie. And the yoyo mat is perfect. I do love me some yoyos. LOL