Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday Diet Report / Teapot Wallhanging Progress

*I tried to post this yesterday, but for some reason blogger gave me a hard time! So my Monday report is on Tuesday this week! Lol* Sorry!*

Sharon at Red Geranium Cottage, who is always so full of inspiring photos and fun stories, is rounding up bloggers to join with her and commit to getting healthy. Every Monday we're reporting our progress and offering our tips and recipes. Lol* She has asked that we get brave and share our before photos (feeling not so brave right now), and eh-hem...our weight. Really Sharon? Do I have to? Well - I have an excuse for that one...*cough*...my scale broke. Long time ago. So, I had to throw it out. Sorry. :) What I CAN tell you (feeling very very un-brave), is that I don't wear a size 8 anymore. Sadly, I haven't been anywhere near even a size 10 in a very long time. :( Uh, and about that picture. Right now I'm in my penguin pj's, and those are reserved strickly for Hubby's eyes only, so I'll try and get on that next post...er, or, sometime. When I'm feeling semi-brave. Promise. ;)

So, here's what I worked on last night quilt-wise. I bought this kit in October while on the quilt retreat. My Grandmother gave me a few of her teapots from her collection, and I thought this would be the perfect little wallhanging to display near them. Here's the pattern picture...

and my progress...the shelf scarf is an actual diced up shelf scarf. Isn't that a cute idea?


Karen said...

Your use of the scarf is a very good idea. I am sure this will be very nice next to the teapots. My daughter has teacups on a shelf. Quite some time ago, I made her a tea cup quilt which she likes very well.

Anonymous said...

Very cute indeed. I love the materials you have chose. Right up my alley.

Good luck with the diet. I hate the D word. I am trying to make an effort to eat better and stay away from junk. It is hard but will be worth it. And no soda or sweet tea.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Come on now you can do it!!! Get that photo up there. Im waiting!!!!! lol