I would love to quilt for you!

   I fell in love with quilting more than ten years ago after attending my first judged quilt show.  Since that time I have quilted nearly every day and created a successful business machine quilting for others.  Over the years I have contributed to quilting magazines, taught locally, and even some of my work has been published in books.  I have been honored with awards for my own quilting and client quilts alike on the national and regional level.  I hope you will consider allowing me to quilt for you!

  Base Pricing:

- Edge to Edge Wide Stipple:  $0.01 per square inch

- Free Hand or Pantograph Edge to Edge: Starting at $0.015 per square inch.

- Custom: Starting at $0.02 per square inch

- Heirloom/Show: Ask for a Quote

Minimums and additional fees for thread apply.  Other services available including seaming backing fabric, attaching binding, creating and attaching binding.  Ask for a detailed price guide.

Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Ohio sales tax rates apply to all Ohio orders.

Email me at pumpkin patch quilter all one word, at yahoo dot com for additional information.


Linda said...

I've been viewing your blog for quite some time and you are wonderful. I have a Round Robin - small quilt that I would be interested in talking to you about. I don't see your direct email address so I'm hoping you can respond to me.

Unknown said...

I was admiring your work & your story and thought to myself "what are the chances that this talented gal is close to me?" I was excited to learn that you live in Northeast Ohio and I live in North Canton. I will definitely be following you! I have one piece that needs some special quilting and another UFO 20 years in the making that if I just pull it out again and finish those last rows I could have you quilt it. I figure 20 years in the making and if I hand quilted it we would have another 20 years to go. So you have inspired me to get my act together. So after the first of the year I will be in touch and get on your schedule. I will be close enough to drop off & pick up. Thank you for a visually inspiring blog. I was able to stay at home during my children's formative years, so I admire your ability to balance home, children and professional responsibilities and still have time to feed the creative muse. I have bookmarked your site and will read up on how you like to have your pieces submitted for quilting. thanks!
Beth Esmont

Linda said...

I feel so fortunate to have found your blog. Your work is just beautiful. I, too, have a quilt I would love for you to do. I am in Washington state, so I would need to mail it. No hurry, it looks like you might have time in March?
Thank you, (another) Linda ;)

Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

I am fortunate enough to have a family member with a long-arm, but I must say your prices are among the most reasonable I've run across. Your work is exquisite and I've Pinned for future reference. I respect your talent and admire the joy you exhibit in your work. Well done!

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Hi Phyllis! You are showing as a "no-reply blogger" so I will reply to you here! :) I am so grateful for your kind words! I do try to keep my prices as reasonable and I so appreciate your generous compliments!