Monday, March 24, 2014

Pamela's Baby Quilt

I have sooo many exciting things to share, I'm going to have to space it all out within a few posts.  First, I want to share Pamela's baby quilt - she sent this to me recently for quilting and I just finished...I think it turned out so darn cute!

I am always very concerned with fusible applique - depending on the fusible you use and the method you use to secure it, quilting can damage it.  Fortunately Pamela's quilt was able to hold up to some additional detail.  Not something I can always do - but this time it worked out really well.  I think it added a lot of character to her already adorable quilt too.

I used my favorite Glide Thread in five or six different colors on this - and a single layer of Hobbs 80/20 batting.

Here is a closeup of the monkey with a little light manipulation so you can better see the quilting - I quilted that little belly button onto him and I just thought it turned out adorable!!  It was on a whim too as I hadn't included it into the mock up but I knew once I got into the quilt that it needed something else to secure that tummy down.  DETAILS are my absolute favorite part of quilting!

I also received some fun mail today!!!!  Four of the pantographs I have designed with Patricia Ritter over at Urban Elementz have arrived!!!!!  I will share them all next post...yay!

I hope everyone is getting some quilting done out there in blogland!!


Carol said...

The quilting is fabulous. I wish I was that creative:)

Clare M said...

Really lovely quilting and the quilt itself is such fun.

Michele said...

That really did turn out adorable.

Scrapatches said...

This is sew adorable! ... :) Pat