Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free Motion Play on My New Juki!

Happy day after Christmas!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday, even if you don't celebrate.  It was so great here, family - food - and goodies!!!  I was FINALLY able to open my Juki...I gotta say that was a TOUGH wait!

I needed to make up a sample to paint before I attempt painting on my "vintage charm slash wedding quilt" and well, what better time to play with my new toy!  I'm using Robinson Anton thread that came with the machine, two layers of low loft Quilters Dream poly batt, and muslin.  Just scraps from the stockings pretty much.

I want to say the Robison Anton seems to sew up a lot like Glide...but this is the only experience I've had with it yet so I can't really say  much more.  I like it a lot though, and being a huge Glide fan (still haven't tried magna bobbins though) I think I'm going to like this thread.  

The coins turned out really cool and are WAY easier when I can slow down with the Juki versus on the long arm!  LOL

Below is some of the thread I got with the one more that is on the spool pin.

Ooooh and there she is!  My Juki!  She needs a name I think ... she's a lot younger than Eunice so I think she needs a younger name...I'll have to think on it!  LOL

OH!  One more goody the Husband bought me...I have been wanting this book forever!!!  It is out of print and kind of difficult to get your hands on because quilters tend to hang on to it.  I have never spent so much on a book and outside of Cindy Needhams Linen Quilt book I don't think I will again...but I had to have this for my collection and I love it.  My Husband even got ahold of Karen and asked her to send me a Christmas card!  LOL!  She is so super sweet, she obliged him and it was kind of exciting to get a card from one of my quilting super heroes!  :)  LOL  I will save it forever with the books for my children.

Alright I'm off - just had to share.  I have a TON of work to makeup after being off for so long and goofing around the last few days!!  :)  Hope you all are getting some sewing done out there!!


Queenie Believe said...

Looks like the Juki stitches beautifully, what fun! I'm not familier with that thread either but love, love, love Glide!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Anonymous said...

Yup, Miss Juki is wonderful for all types of fmq ESPECIALLY the small scale/micro-stippling I love to do. Just had a friend call about her future purchase. Directed her to Raichert's and Ken's with confidence in both. It(TL2010Q) is the absolute best machine out there.....IMHO!!!! I am so happy for you!! That book, and one other of her's, sports a hefty price tag....for sure! I hope you will share a titch of what is between those covers with us!!!!! Puh-leeze.................

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh you lucky girl! A personal card from Karen!!! I've heard the Juki is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful quilts you create together :*)

Marci said...

Oh, Val, why must you encourage me to want more?? :D Now I want to go try this model Juki - have I ever mentioned I am a machine junkie? - and see how well it does. Your work inspires me!

Michele said...

Nice and nice. Of course she needs a name!!!!!!

Diane E W said...

OMG I can't believe you got a copy of Karen's book, you lucky girl. If you ever want to get rid of it I'll send you my address and pay postage (and insurance) LOL! Love looking at your quilting, never get tired of it. Seems like you adapted to the new machine pretty quickly, can't wait to see what you quilt next.

Clipping Path said...