Thursday, December 19, 2013

More Stockings!!! This time from Nancy and Doreen!

After posting a few photographs of my stockings I had a few quilting pals pipe up and say, "oh I have always thought about doing that!" or "oh you have inspired me and I'm GOING to do that!"  Well I have to share a few photos of pals that DID!

With permission Nancy and Doreen have allowed me to borrow and post photos here of their whole cloth style quilted stockings they created.  Here are a few shots of Nancy's stockings:

I really love the curved cross hatching that Nancy added to he heel and toe, and the accent at the top - lovely!  Boy does that give me ideas for more stockings...

You can see the thread to which she posted these photos by clicking here.  Just lovely!  I'm thrilled to see what you created Nancy and thank you for allowing me to share it here!

My good blogging pal Doreen also made whole cloth stockings!!  Here are a few photos of what she came up with:

Doreen has really been taking off with her quilting as of late and these stockings really showcase her beautiful work.  I love how she chose pebbles in the toes and heel - and metallic thread!  Lovely!

You can see a tutorial for Doreen's stockings by clicking here.

Thank you for sharing ladies and thank you for allowing me to share your photos as well.  It was really fun and inspiring to see different interpretations of these whole cloth style stockings!  :)


Anonymous said...

You are so sweet to post this lovely share! I am so tempted to keep on with the stocking much fun!!!! Nancy's are awesome......and many more ideas are beginning to swirl in my head!!!! They have to be let it's mug-rugs....tomorrow, well, stay tuned!!! LOL! Uber hugs from my frozen little piece of God's Country/the Midwest Coulee Region......

Queenie Believe said...

How cool is that!!! You've started a beautiful trend. I just may have to join in :o)
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Clipping Path said...

god job very nice