Monday, December 17, 2012

Fancy Curly Feathers

Finally!  I have been practicing and practicing...and then going back and practicing some more...eep!  I made curly feathers that don't look like crazy alien antennas!  :)

Yesterday I popped over to SewCal Gal's blog to study her tutorial written by Diane Gaudynski.  I REALLY tried her method of feathers where instead of backtracking you echo back up the feather - I JUST CANNOT GET my hands to DO IT!  I am going to practice her method again because I really love how there isn't an accumulation of thread in the spine and the bumps of the feathers...but I'm really a backtracking girl.  It's in my bones.  I must backtrack.  BACKTRACK!!!  My feathers look CRAZY when I don't backtrack.

These are much better - I'm so happy!!  Now I just really need to play and plan ahead a bit better.  I'm also getting really sick of stippling and echoing as a filler/background design. 

I used Superior's So Fine in the top and bobbin here and thin quilter's fleece poly batting.  I had a bad experience with the first run I had with this thread - but I wasn't using it appropriately.  The design I had quilted with it was more for a heavier cotton thread - this is MUCH better.  I'm going to compare it next to the silk and see how backtracking looks - but I gotta tell you this thread is FANTASTIC for feathers.  I'm sold Superior!!

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