Monday, July 2, 2012

A Tangled Monday - and Don't Forget the Giveaway!

I think every post until drawing day is going to end in - "don't forget the giveaway!"  Lol*  Just to warn you!

Everyone has these really cute day of the week things they do, like "Design Wall Monday", or "Wordless Wednesday" - so today mine is going to be Tangled Monday.  Maybe I should have waited - Tangled Tuesday sounds better!  Oh well.  It's a Tangled sort of day because I'm working on my middle daughter's Rapunzel costume from the Disney movie Tangled for our up and coming Disney World vacation.  I cannot wait to go!  I think I might be more excited than the girls.  :)  We were able to get last minute reservations for breakfast at Cinderella's castle so all three girls have requested a princess costume to wear.  My oldest will be Ariel, my middle will be Rapunzel, and my baby girl will be Snow White.

Above shows the Simplicity pattern I'm following...and below I have begun working on the bodice of the dress.  So far the pattern seems to be pretty easy, but a little bit of legwork!  Not to mention, though I've been trying to stay as thrifty as possible, borrowing (or more like swiping) lace from my Mother's stash, buying the pattern and material on sale or at the lowest price I could find, this dress is still going to cost in the end around $30.  That is staggeringly lower than purchasing a ready made costume from a Disney or costume store...but still - OUCH!!!  The nice thing I will say about home least you can spread the cost out a little.

Here's how that pretty center bodice is coming...this is my second go round.  I had decided I wasn't going to do the laceup cording as shown on the pattern because it looked like too much work.  I thought I'd do ribbon instead - WRONG.  What a pain.  Good thing I cut this twice just in here it is, as I was supposed  to do it.  Simplicity you've broken me down and I'll be running to the store this afternoon to buy the materials to make the lace up front.  LOL*

While waiting to pick up the rest of the supplies I need I started working on the sleeves.  They are all goofy here but once the ribbon is stitched they are going to be adorable.

Another thing I noticed about this pattern is there is a LOT of waste.  Is this normal???  LOL*  I did purchase a little more fabric than the pattern called for (and thank goodness I did) but still - that's a lot of leftover fabric (pictured below).  I'm thinking the satin could be saved for a crazy quilt project. 

Did any of you start out as garment sewers, then move on to quilting?  I did.  My Mother is really into garment sewing, so naturally that's how I began sewing.  BOY have things changed now that I quilt - it's really PAINFUL to waste all that fabric now!!!

Oh and I had to get a little closeup - best I could anyhow - of the fabric that is going into the top of the's sparkly!  Now isn't that just perfect and magical for a little girl who is going to Disney?

Well I hope everyone out there in blogland is having a great Monday.  The kiddos are spending the night with their Nana and Papa so I'm looking forward to some quiet sewing time.  Sometimes during the day it just gets too hectic with "Mom can you get me..." to get much done!

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Jeanne said...

You must be quite the seamstress to be able to sew these dresses for your daughters. Can't wait to see them.