Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quilts on my Mantle, Dress Progress, GIVEAWAY!

I put some quilts out on the mantle last night after being tossed in the washer and dryer.  Aren't they cute?!  I love my mini's.  :)  The best part of Etsy?  If it does't sell the first time round I get to keep it.  Woohee!  I'm still selling a few things but taking a little break from Etsy to make some things for myself and the family.  We've reached July so that means I have to start getting ready for Christmas!!!

Made some good progress on the dress - the sleeves are finished and ready to be attached.  I ran to Walmart last night and bought eyelets for the front of the bodice.  I have never used eyelets before - so guess what I discovered?  You need a TOOL to close them!!!!  Darnit!!!  It was 9pm and the baby was finally asleep, the kids were at their Nana and Papa's, and I was ready to sew...pooh!  Luckily my Mom has one she's going to loan me so I can get going on it tonight.  I decided I better make the lining too or else it's going to be awfully flat.  This $30 dress is nearing $50 quickly.  I went on Ebay last night to see how much dresses cost...I found a nice comparable one for $45.  I told the Husband I should have just bought it!!!  LOL*  I am a better quilter than I am a seamstress so this is great experience for me.

I also went through and read reviews on this pattern last night and one lady used tulle between the lining and the skirt to increase the fullness.  If I can get it on sale I may do the same.  Good thing this is for the middle daughter...looks like the baby will be Rapunzel too in a few years!!!  All this work, this dress better get some wear!  :)

I think the sleeves are gorgeous though.  I wish the camera could catch the sparkly satin and shiny organza.  Its so pretty it makes it fun to work with.  I thought being thin inexpensive costume satin that it would be really difficult to sew, but not so much.  It's been pretty simple so far.  I'm going to work on the skirt this afternoon, as far as I can get anyhow, see if maybe I can squeeze a lining out of the leftover satin I already have.  More progress pictures tomorrow.

Don't forget about the giveaway!  CLICK HERE and comment to enter.  Only a few more days - we need more comments!  :)

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