Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Wall Hanging and Modern Pinwheels in Houston

It is hard to believe it is the day before Halloween already!  Where has the time gone?  Well - at least I was able to finish this wall hanging of Monica's before technically it's right on time!

I think that since it's been a few weeks since I have touched my long arm I really got into this one!  There were so many neat little shapes and spaces to play in so I had fun.  Monica is always really fun to quilt for because not only does she send me really cute quilts, she gives me a lot of design freedom and that is the BEST!

I don't know why that shirt screamed pinstripes to me!  I thought all of the different textures really bring this witchy gal to life.

I wanted to do something in the face that gave the idea of a wrinkled face...but nothing too scary because this witch is cute!  I think the kind of cheek/chin swirls really worked well.

This triangular border was my favorite to work on!  The quilting design is very geometric and Judy Madsen/Green Fairy inspired!  She does wonderful things with filling negative space with simple lines and fills.  What an inspiration to the quilting world she is.

I was going for sort of Victorian witch shoes with those swirls in the top of the shoe!

Even the back turned out pretty neat!

I took this off the frame to photograph but will load it back up as the same hunk of backing will be used for the Christmas wall hanging - up next!

I also wanted to quickly share a photo that my friend Mabel from Connected Threadz shared with me!  She is meeting with a group of the gals from CT in Houston and was kind enough to think of me and take a photograph of my quilt Modern Pinwheels hanging in the Meander Publishing booth!  That just meant the world to me and she took such a fantastic photo to boot!  It is SUCH a huge honor that my quilt was chosen to decorate the booth - some of my most admired quilting idols are there and to have just a small representation of my work a part of such a huge event...and for one of my favorite quilting magazines!  It's a big deal!  Woohoo!

Thank you again Mabel!  If you are in Houston this week for Quilt Festival you can view the quilt in booth 202 OR in the latest issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited along with instructions!


Lara B. said...

What a wonderful job you did with the witch quilt! And Valerie that is so awesome about Modern Pinwheels! You have had an amazing year and all your hard work and accomplishments deserve to be recognized!
Hope you are feeling great!

Michele said...

Love the witch! Too bad she can't come live at my house. And congrats again on Modern Pinwheels. I'm sure you are still floating on the clouds.