Friday, March 16, 2012

A Secret Project and Rambles

I can't show what I'm working on but I'll show you just a lil' snippet to prove that I am sewing!  Had the most wonderful birthday the day before yesterday and still recovering a bit from it!  I am officially 31!!!  Lol*  I was going to say I don't feel like it...but, I'm a tired Mommy of truthfully I feel older than 31!  :)  I'm still sort of juvenile about my birthday where even though I know I'm too old for a lot of nonsense, I still sort of want a lot of nonsense.  Lol*  Last year sorta stunk because we had a close family member pass away the day before.  So the day of we spent with family making plans and preperations for a funeral and that was just so sad.  I am happy this year nothing too terrible happened...though my middle daughter did smoosh her fingers in the door at McDonald's and I ended up spending a few hours in the emergency department with her.  Nothing broke thank goodness but her heart and mine!  My little angel is much better now, though enjoying a bit of extra attention, and my Husband went out of his way to make a little "fuss" for me.  :)  That was so sweet and, you know, sometimes you just need to feel important and thought of! 

So the birthday is all over but we are planning a trip to Disney soon so I have something new to look forward to!  I see lots of mouse ears and minnie dresses in my future...  ;)

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HOPE said...

Aww well HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! wish I had known...

Your new project already looks awesome...mmm I'm guessing!!!