Monday, March 26, 2012

Autograph Books

Quilty sewing has haulted as I am currently on a Disney kick.  But do no despair (ok I know nobody is dispairing over my lack of quilting) as Bonnie Hunter is visiting my quilt guild in June and I will surely rekindle the obsession very soon!  That and quilt guild is tonight so when I see everybody's quilts I'm sure to want to run right home and sew.  :)

Lookeee what I made!!!  A couple of autograph books for the girlies, and Minnie lanyards!!!  I am so proud of those silly little books.  I went through a bunch of old scrapbooking stuff I had in my crafty stash from years ago when I was on a big scrapbooking kick.  It's all heavy weight album paper and cardboard scraps I kept for just the right project...I went through and cut each piece by hand and hole bunched each piece by hand!  Lol*  All 150 pages of them!!!  Found the keyrings at Walmart...they have colored ones for $4 in assorted sizes and hooks come with them.  Then I just glued ribbon until I couldn't stand to look at ribbon or jewels any longer.  I used Disney Princess plates from the party section for the princesses!  Ohmygosh this was so much fun!  I was a little nervous the girls wouldn't be that into them, but I knew I had done alright when my middle child told me that she wanted to sleep with hers because it was her favorite thing.  **Mush**

We ordered pins to trade at the parks for the lanyards that should be here towards the end of the week.  Woot!  What fun!  :)

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Kimberly said...

Mom, you rock!

(That's in case your girls don't say it!)