Monday, October 24, 2011

Wheeew, Totes and More Totes

Well now that my sewing machine is back home, I sure have been keeping it busy.  I made a couple custom order totes for a teacher at my daughter's pre-school.  I hope she likes them!  Hopefully I didn't send my machine back to the sewing machine doctor either...I don't like the sound it was making after sewing through all these layers of fabric and batting to attach the straps...I was bad though...I did break a needle hitting the zipper on one of these.  Zippers are NOT my favorite thing!  People don't always understand that there is a difference between a seamstress and a quilter.  I'm good with quilts.  I'm comfortable with quilts....but my MOM is the seamstress!  Lol*  :)  So zippers are a bit of a daunting task for me, but I'm learning it's probably worth it to get more familiar with them.  Let's just home my sewing machine lives to learn with me!  :)

Here's a few pictures of the totes...and their zippers!  LOL*  Not as pretty as some of you pro's out there with the zippers, but they are functional and pretty much hidden so I don't think I'll get any complaints.  :)


Dolores said...

Very pretty totes. I have sewn all my life and even I break a needle or two. What kind of interfacing did you use to make them stand up so nicely?

Sewing Junkie said...

Hint with the heavy sewing. Get a jeans needle in a heavy weight. This will make a difference in the job. They look great. Chris

HOPE said...

you are too hard on yourself!!

They are gorgeous...look at that quilting!

Hidden zipper..that's where they belong! hee hee

I have a thing with zippers too..

but, I did find out how to put them in a bag and amazed I could CUT the thing to the size I wanted!! I got back at ZIPPERS that gave me trouble!

Great work always..

ladydobie said...

I like the one with the pumpkins best!