Saturday, October 8, 2011

$5 Thrift Store Score!

Oh how I love a good yard sale, estate sale, garage sale, or THRIFT STORE!  I come from a long line of junkers.  ;)  We hit a good sale today at the local thrift store, and I still can't believe I found this pretty little machine.

It's a Singer 301a - not a featherweight, but "related" to a featherweight.  It sews just as beautifully but is a bit heavier and clunkier.  From what I understand it's more heavy duty but I'm still learning about these machines.  I'm so thrilled to have it !  I plugged it in at the store but you never know if it "runs" but doesn't stitch...I was so happy when I got it home and tried it out and it stitches!!!  Yay!


Winona said...

Valerie, congratulations on a great find. I have a Singer 358K. I believe it is a little bit newer than your machine, but still heavy and sews like a dream. I bought some white grease. I used a little paint brush and put some grease on all the gears. I also oiled all the points the book called for. Mine now just purrs along. Have fun with your new treasure.

Sewing Junkie said...

They are a jem to use. The thing about them is they make such a perfect stitch. Enjoy. Chris

Sandi said...

Hi I have a couple of old Singers and you can get the date of your baby's birth here.

Enjoy her!

HOPE said...

Wowzie!! Good for you!

I wondered if I should start collecting vintage sewing things..machines ect. For my DREAM of a Quilt Shoppe one day...I notice all the shops I visit..have sewing machines here and there..nice touch! this YOUR plan?


Teresa said...

I had not seen one of these machines before. Congrats on your good buy.