Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I am so excited!  I have decided to sell fabric!  I am starting small for now - just ordering some items for my own work/projects and additional to sell.  I just ordered a boat load of Kona Solid Pre Cuts and have added them to my Etsy shop!  I pre-ordered a few more Kona bundles/rolls that will be here early August.  Orders will be different each time but I will try to get what's new and popular...but also what I like!!  :)  This batch was solids - looking at some 30's Repro/Traditional/Civil War items next.  I will make every attempt to keep prices competitive and reasonable - and shipping rates as low as I can.  If you are looking for something specific just ask - I may be able to order it - I am excited!

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Leeanne said...

awesome! You must be excited........good luck!