Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peggy's Quilt In Progress

Still alive over here!  Barbara's oversize king Baltimore Album is off the frame to finish up a few smaller quilts, and then I will put it back on to quilt up the last bit of the borders.

Today I'm working on finishing Peggy's quilt, here's a few in progress pictures...

It's an adorable 30's sampler quilt - after I pull this one off Jane's sampler is going up!  :)

So far the weather has maintained a nice comfortable temperature.  Not too much rain and just warm enough to run the fan at night but not keep us up all night.  Going to make every effort to get some of these quilts done and out before the heat sets in!  I'm not excited at the thought of quilting in a 100+ degree house!  UGH!  We don't have central air but we do have air conditioners...never seems to be enough around the sticky heat of August though.

In other news I'm also working very hard at getting in shape and eating healthy.  Weight has always been a struggle for me - the women in my family all tend to be larger and we're Italian so - we live and breath FOOD!  :)  I am the type who feels as if I'm not loving or caring for my family if I'm not feeding them.  So this time - to the detriment of my Husband's favorite delicious high calorie meals and late night snacks - we're all eating healthy!!  My big goal has been to make meals that I can eat while watching calories...with small modifications so we can all enjoy.  This has been no easy task but it's going really well so far.  As of today in just over a week and a half I've lost five pounds.  I didn't expect to lose that much because I have been playing soccer five days a week with my daughters to help keep active...sometimes this causes me to lose slower even though my clothes fit looser.  I am not a fan of at home video workout programs because they tend to get boring, and a gym is just not practical for my life at this point - so having kids to keep me running around has been great!  In addition I've been lifting some weights in hopes to build muscle and burn calories faster.  I'm excited to see that it is working!!!  :)  The only thing I'm a little worried about is - what am I going to do in the winter??!  LOL  I have been working so hard I don't want to lose momentum when the colder weather begins to keep us indoors.

I hope all is well with my sewing pals out in blogland!  Keep cool and I hope you're experiencing the beautiful weather we are!


Sewing Junkie said...

To bad we can't sew while on a tread mill. LOL. You will figure it out. The quilting is great. Hope you can get them all done. Chris

Karen said...

Hi Valarie, the quilt is so pretty, really love the feathers.
Keep up the good work, on your healthy eating, and exercising. I walk about 10 miles a week, keeps my head clear and I feel so much better. I started this about a year and half ago and was the best thing I could have done.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

By the time the colder season comes, you should be in a routine - you will find adjustments to keep going.