Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Checking In :)

Well, I have not been quilting, but I have been decorating! Lol* At the moment, our second living room has doubled as a playroom and sewing room. While I do love my sewing, it's not a very effective use of the space so I think I'm going to pack a lot of my things up and hide them away in a closet for now. I have all that space and everything at my fingertips, and I still take my sewing machine over to the kitchen table to sew! Lol*

But before I get to that room, I've been working on my oldest daughter's bedroom. Hubby and I hit an estate sale on Friday, and I purchased an old lunch tin and a tablecloth made from feedsacks that looks as if it were sewn by a quilter. It is a trip around the world pattern, hand sewn, with perfect 1/4 inch seam. Anyhow I folded it up nice and neat and put it atop the lunch tin, and look at how cute!

Her room is a sort of an antique/vintage/garden theme. She is very excited because Mommy has let her have some of her Boyd's Bears to decorate the room. I gave her some garden themed choices and she picked her favorites. I also have a fence in progress that I've painted going around each is my goal to get that finished this week and I will show pictures. :)

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Pat said...

Sounds like your daughter's room is going to look spectacular...can't wait to see the photos when you are done. GREAT finds at the estate sale!