Monday, October 18, 2010

A Vintage Treasure: Singer Buttonholer

I am such a sucker for anything old. Combine old and anything sewing related and my heart will sing.
On that note, my Husband and I made one of our frequent visits to the local thrift shop a few days ago. He is usually looking for sports items, or things he can fix up and resell for a few extra bucks. I look for clothes for me, the kids, and things I can use for the house. Once in a while I find an old goodie, that may have been leftover from an estate sale, or maybe inherited by someone who has no use for it. Like this old buttonholer...

I was tickled to find this little treasure. It's in the original case, all the pieces are present, and it even comes with a manual. The booklet is dated 1949 - within a few decades of my featherweight's birthday. Leading me to believe this could possibly be an attatchment I could use with my featherweight. Yay! If not I have a 1950's Singer in a table that it should work with. It will be like Christmas playing around with it though. How exciting!
It makes me think of the woman (or Man I suppose!) who purchased this when it was new. I love thinking about who might have owned it and what they wanted to make with it. How fun. :)

The best part of thrift store treasures? This purchase was a whopping, $1.50. I couldn't pass it up. :)


Karen said...

I had a Singer years ago that had a very similar buttonholer that used the little inserts.

Sewing Junkie said...

Yes you may use this in the Featherweight. I worked for Singer and the buttonholer was the best selling attachment they made. Any low shanked machine can use this buttonholer. My grandmother wore out three of them on the Featherweight. Enjoy it. Chris

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want one so bad! :))