Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok, I know I'm about a week early, but chances are I'm going to be working on an 8 page paper that's due AFTER thanksgiving next week, so I figured I oughtta send my holiday cheer out early.

So to be quite honest, I have no idea what this blog is about anymore! My Daddio stopped by the other day to see if I'd written anything and said to me, "Your blog isn't about quilts anymore!" Well, it's still about quilts, because you know I'm pretty much obsessed with them, but I just haven't had time to make any! The only really super nice thing that I miss about staying home full time is having the time to say the heck with dishes and sewing instead. Now I'm lucky if I can find time to do the dishes at all, let alone sew! I'm telling you though, I'm going to sew my darn heart out over summer. Garden too! So just you wait... ;)

As for that garden...I'm thinking, PUMPKINS! The girls had such a blast watching our pumpkins grow this year, and I kept seeing little stands at houses along the road selling a girl who's creative has to put two and two together and decide to turn her back yard into a pumpkin patch to earn a few dollars for Christmas! So that's the plan. I think the girls will have a ball selling pumpkins on the front lawn next year. This year I'm selling pumpkin rolls, sugar cookies, and buckeyes, but just think what a few pumpkin sales would add to the fund! Lol* I think I oughtta add some little fun gourds and if I'm still feeling motivated rather than exhausted maybe we could experiment with some indian corn. I've got to get my gardening fix in before school starts up again you know!!!

On the quilting front you've probably guessed already, I haven't done a darn thing! It's killing me too, surfing all of you quilty ladies blogs and seeing your creations. But I decided to do my last paper for writing on quilts so that might hold me over for a little while!

School is going well too! I am really proud to say I have an A in all but biology, but I have a very high B in that class, and who can complain about that? I may not reach my 4.0 goal but I'm feeling awfully good about myself for being out of school for 10 years and coming back with decent grades. Go me! ;)

Since I have nothing productive at all to share I thought I'd leave you with some decorating pictures...the girls and I are having fun decking the house out this year! The tree is up and a few decorations, but we still have a LONG way to go!


Leah Spencer said...

Quilting or no, I still read your blog. :)

I know the feeling of wanting a 4.0. I messed mine up with my nutrition class, which is kind of ironic now since I've been going as natural and homemade as possible. :P

Stephanie D said...

I wondered if you grew pumpkins this year and how they did! Should be a good money-maker next year.

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving--and hope you breeze right through that paper!