Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About Blogging

Today in writing class we talked a little about blogs. Just wanted to say hello to anyone (or no one) of you who might have stopped by. ;) I really love blogging and in the realm of quilting, have learned tons this way. Recently I've been more focused on my career/education goals than sewing, but I can tell you if you have a hobby you love, and want to learn from the best, blogging is a great way to do that. Blogging has made some of the biggest names in quilting accessible to me in ways that wouldn't normally be possible. Most of the big name quilters have blogs, and interact with their readers through them. I once had Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts comment on my blog because I'd mentioned her in a post. She is a pretty well known quilter who has her own pattern line, several fabric lines, a number of books, and I've read all about her in my favorite quilt magazines. That was pretty exciting to little old me, quilting my heart out in small town USA!

So to make a long story longer, I love blogging, and I believe it's possible to do it safely, yet get a lot out of the experience. Since I haven't a darn quilty thing share I'll instead show off my pineapple quilt block that I've yet to expand on and a couple of my antique sewing machines! :) (The treadle - the one you move with your feet - is from the 1800's, my favorite machine.)

P.S. - for those of you who might be curious, I'm close to my 4.0 GPA goal but not quite there...I'm still waiting for my Math Midterm to be posted, praying it's an A to help pull things up, but currently my GPA is 3.77. *Argh!* Still trying though!


Anonymous said...

great old machine! I check out your blog on a regular basis. You do fine. As for the goal of all A's, a's are fine but they don't define you as a person. do your best but don't stress the small stuff. In 50 years no one will know or care what grades you got. I am saying this in a kind way so that you realize that it is not the grade that counts. It is the person. I work at a university and have a university degree. no one has ever asked me once what my gpa was. relax! have fun and learn. all in positive thougths! Lizzie

Kimberly said...

Beautiful block and beautiful machine!

...and I'm so glad you're keeping up with your blog AND school!

Stephanie D said...

Grades are good and kudos to you for striving for your best!

Now just to retain the important stuff and let go of the unusables.

Pat said...

What a fun look on your blog!!! I'm glad your grades are so high. I graduated college (many years ago) with a 3.87......not a 4.0 BUT it was high enough to be a summa cum laude graduate!!! Since I was the first in my family to even GO to college, I was very proud of that accomplishment.

Juryizstillout said...

Hey, is that Singer a 15-91? Looks just like mine, 'cept mine's from Canada.
Awesome job on home, school and keeping up with a hobby. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey...I have the last Singer you have on here. It is on my blog, and had belonged to my Grandmother. I also have a cleaning and repair on my blog of this machine. It always makes my heart jump when I see it! :) Love your blog!