Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In the garden this morning...

Haven't posted in a while...been busy digging! I took a walk this morning to see how things are looking...it's coming along, and I'm feeling proud! Lol* It's not quite a cottage garden yet, but it's getting there. Some of my neighbors mentioned in conversation that they didn't like flowers...I bet they're loving the weedy view now huh? Lol* Will take some more pictures when the sun comes out...
Sweet peas are blooming! Yay!!! I debated on ripping these out, but I'm so glad I didn't. The picture just doesn't do the color justice...it looks fuschia here, but it's truly darker than this, more like a burgundy/wine rose color. Oh so pretty. These were 35 cent packs of seeds too! Lol*

Here's some new plantings at the end of the drive...rudbeckia are the two in the front, and in the back some gooseneck I bought for 50 cents at a yard sale. Still have a couple more of those in pots that need to be planted too.

Here's the delphinium which is now long gone after the rain we got last week. Wasn't it stunning? My MIL picked up a couple very young cherry blossom delph's, one is budding...hope it blooms this year! I've also since extended this flower bed...it's about double the size is as shown here...don't ask my why I planted this in between russian sage. Lol* I'm not moving the delph's but the sage might be another plant Dad is inheriting.

Sorry looking foxgloves...one Dad gave me for helping him paint, and one I picked up from Walmart...they are in full sun (from morning until about 2 or 3pm), hope that's not too much for them?

ORANGE lillies...enjoying them now because when their done they are going to my Dad...so pretty but just a little more orange than I can handle.


Molly said...

Hi there! I love your blog and enjoy looking at your flowers! The orange lilies are beautiful! I have some that are just about to open. How are your veggies doing? I've been meaning to tell you, thanks for your sympathies about my kitty; I do appreciate it. :)

Orcsmom said...

Your neighbors sound like mine! I tired an english garden and they did not like the beginning growing part but after they bloomed, they loved them and asked to cut flowers for themselves! Know, I have gone to container growing due to the neighborhood animals, and they miss the big garden in front!


Anonymous said...

You have nice flowers growing... and I hate to say it but yes... that is too much sun for a foxglove. They thrive in a shady environment... maybe morning sun and all afternoon and evening shade if you have it. And for some reason, the light yellow ones are the most hardy... the others seem to die here in Wisconsin. Good luck!

Shanna said...

I love your orange lilies they are so beautiful.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I meant to plant sweet peas this year but never got around to it. Always forget something.

You may like the Russian Sage late in the season. It will fill in after the delphs bloom. I like the orange lilies too;)

Libby said...

*mmmmmm* Sweet peas are my all time favorite *s*

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I just took a lunch break from planting my bargains from yesterday. I enjoyed catching up on your posts. Your place is looking awesome! What a lot of space you have to work with. And, it is your space to enjoy without worrying about the neighbors.

When I was at the garden center yesterday, talking with the lady about what vine to plant to cover my brush pile, I told her about my next door neighbor (the other direction from where my garden across the street is) being upset with me and calling me a "snake lover". The lady was so nice and told me I did what I could in talking to her, so now, I should do my thing and not worry about her. She said everyone has something they aren't happy about, but it's not my problem what she's unhappy about. She's right. I want to be a good neighbor, but she is a picky kind of person anyway, and she puts moth balls out in the fall, and I have to go inside because it hurts to breath that.

Well, I went on enough. I wish I was your neighbor! Oh, and that was great to get a compliment from your landscaper neighbors.

Well, it's not going to be too hot today, so I am going back out to do more planting.

Happy gardening, flower and veggie!