Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blue & Yellow Bow Tie Quilt Finished!

This is rare kind of post for me! Lol* :) My first finish for only took me a year! LOL*

This went to my oldest daughter. She's been sleeping with it the past few nights so I haven't been able to swipe it away long enough to take a picture. It is backed with flannel and some fabric my Mother gave me when I first began quilting. I ran out of fabric for the binding so I alternated strips of the same fabric I used for the border backing, and some blue & yellow floral fabric I had in my stash. I like a 1/4 inch binding on my quilts, so you can't really even tell until you get close.


Kayla said...

It's beautiful! I am almost done quilting hubby's birthday quilt. I have a feeling it's going on the back burner soon, however. I am designing and orchestrating the making of a center auction quilt for the child care center where I teach part-time and my daughter attends. I am sorting my stash this morning to see what I have to donate.

rachel griffith said...

oh how cute!!!
i really like it.
{and i'm the person that dislikes yellow & blue. lol.}

i really love a pieced binding.
i think it adds SO much character to a quilt.

you did a great job honey!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful top. I bet it is nice and cozy. Job well done. Pat yourself on the back.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely. Blue and yellow is a classic color combo. I made a bow tie quilt a few years in greens.

Four Smiles said...

Your quilt is soooo beautiful! I love the tones, well done on the finish.
Cheers Erica

Angela said...

Gorgeous. I love those colors together. So cheery and happy. Lucky daughter!

Anne Ida said...

Congratulations on your finish! It is wonderful, and no wonder you had a hard time wrestling it away from your daughter to get a picture ;o) Give your self a pat on the back and enjoy a finished quilt!

Hugs and stitches

Teresa said...

Bow ties make the nicest quilts. I think I love the traditional patterns best of all. Your blue and yellow is beautiful and I really like that backing you put on it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Bob and Diana said...

Your quilt looks beautiful!!

Anonymous said...