Friday, September 30, 2016

Playing Catch Up!

It has been a very busy August into September for the Smith family.  During August I wrapped up the month finishing as many client quilts as I was able to work on so that I could take a nice 4 week long stretch away from quilting to get the kids settled back at school.  The end of the month into September we also were able to enjoy our bi-annual Disney vacation!  School is now back in full swing and we are even in the middle of the quarter.  Interim reports were just sent home - I can hardly believe it - and the weather is starting to really feel like fall.  That means it is quilting season!  This is my absolute busiest time of the year. 

I am still co-designing for Urban Elementz and if you missed it on Facebook we do have a new design collaboration available!

It is called Mystic by Patricia E. Ritter and Valerie Smith.  It was based off of the original quilting I designed for Lisa's Jungle Abstractions quilt shared in my last post.  I am really excited to use this one as it has such great unique texture.  Take a look!

I have six quilts all waiting to be completed IMMEDIATELY so I better get to work.  Playing a game of catch up after a nice relaxing break from quilting - looking forward to getting a chance to play again.  I hope I still remember how to turn my machine on!  :)

Happy Fall and Happy Quilting!

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kupton52 said...

Sorry that I keep commenting. I'm guessing you are really busy with family and panto design but please know your faithful readers miss your posts and videos. I hope you find time to return, but if not, thank you for years of inspiration, humor and information. Blessings....kathy