Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Recent Quitls and Giveaway Winner!

Not very good pictures, but here are a few of the quilts I have been working on over the past few weeks.  Darlene always sends me really cool quilts to work on and these two were no exception.  I wish I had time to get better photos before they went home but I just didn't this time around.  Both were wall hangings - around 45"/50" square each.  I think the snowman quilt is something like 45 x 50.

For the lilac quilt, the centerpiece is embroidery, similar to the style of embroidery Darlene did for her Feels Like Spring quilt.  I did not do any quilting in the applique itself as we had some thread pulling and I had a needle break in the center so I left that area alone.  The borders I did some pinstriping and free hand design, keeping it somewhat loose as to not distort her lovely piecing.  We used one layer of cotton batting provided by Darlene for this one.

For Darlene's fusible applique frosty she asked me to do something different.  Another long armer had used a tulle overlay overtop the applique so they did not require being stitched down.  We kept  the quilting loose and mostly free hand here as well.  I ditched around the snowflakes and each of the pieces in the body of the snowman, and did some pinstriping again in the borders.  Not alot showed unless it was a more solid area but the tulle added a really neat dimension.  This time I am pretty sure she sent along a batting scrap of Hobbs 80/20 from another quilt I did for her.  One layer - and I used Bottom Line to quilt both pieces.

I just grabbed a little snapshot of this baby quilt as I quitled it out using the pantograph Counting Sheep by Patricia E. Ritter for Urban Elementz.  It really quilted up cute!!  I have another panto/all over for Darlene on the frame and I'll try and get some good photos of those before they head home.  I believe she sent cotton again for this one, and once again I used a white Bottom Line thread.


Thank you so very much to everyone who commented and expressed interest in Lara's book, Crafted Applique!  I know this meant an awful lot to Lara and also it meant a lot to me!  We had a total of 141 commenters and instead of writing all those names down I decided to use a random number generator...and the comment chosen was number 7! 

Daryl at Patchouli Moon Studios you are the winner!

I will email you shortly for your contact information to forward to Lara!  Again - thank you so very much to all who participated!!!


Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!! I am super duper excited to have won Lara's book!!!! I can't wait to get the book and get started on doing applique with Lara's method. Thank you Valerie and Lara!!!

Lara B. said...

Woohoo - I'm excited that Daryl won too! LOL She's so much fun and so talented!

Valerie, thank you for being in my book's blog hop!

Your projects look great! I love the idea of the counting sheep for a pantograph!

kupton52 said...

Hope all is well....2 months without a post has me worried....and with no youtube video (I was getting used to seeing them on a daily basis...lol). Hopefully you're quilting up a storm and having a great time with the family now that school is out! Looking forward to reading your posts again.....you've been quite the inspiration to this new longarm (old) quilter!