Saturday, August 8, 2015

Jane's Dear Jane - Finished!

I feel like I am always hopping on the blog and sharing just how busy I have been...well...I have been busy!  :)  I have my iron in so many fires right now - but all is going really well and I have to say I'm really happy with my life and direction at the moment.

The latest work I've finished is a quilt that belongs to my friend Jane (who prefers to go by Rusty) - it is a Dear Jane quilt ... so of course I've been having fun with calling it "Jane's Dear Jane"!  :)  Jane Hardy Miller is a very talented quilt maker - and author too!  She and her beautiful work have been explored on an episode on the Quilt Show and she is the author of several french braid quilt books...but you would never know it in talking to her as she is so thoughtful, friendly, and humble.  :)  I am so honored she allowed me to work on her beautiful rainbow colored Dear Jane!

Jane's taste is non-traditional so I really had fun playing here.  I don't think I've ever seen a Dear Jane this spectacular.  Each block is quilted differently - I aimed for minimal but appropriate quilting in each of the patchwork blocks.  All blocks were ditched and unique designs fill the black negative space.  Not all of the colored patchwork has quilting but anything needing a little boost was given something special.  
My attempt in the borders was to bring this diamond topped cone shape into the quilting.  I LOVE this shape!  What is it called?  I don't know!  Geometry isn't my strong suit but I love the look.

I used Glide thread in gray and Black and a few matching shades within the blocks.  This quilt took me about three weeks - I worked 4-6 hours a day but of course not always all at once and I took many many breaks to cuddle my little Princess Livvie.  :)

I'm really pleased with the outcome!  This was a lot of fun!  Now I'm of course obsessed with rainbow quilts...I'm going to start my very own Dear Jane but I cannot promise it will be anywhere near on the level of this one.  Rusty's fabulous color know how really took this amazing to begin with quilt and made it out of this world fantastic!


Quilting Tangent said...

Pretty rainbow Dear Jane and nice quilting.

Sunflower Days said...

Honestly, I have been a Dear Jane follower since the beginning and know Brenda Papadakis very well. This is the most beautiful Dear Jane I have ever seen. I hope you have shared this with Brenda! Pamela Graham

Sunflower Days said...

I just read that Rusty made this quilt.....I know Rusty and she is fabulous....what an awesome duo the two of you made on this quilt!! Wow!!! Pamela Graham

Leeanne said...

really pretty, well done!

Lara B. said...

Valerie, Wow! And Wow again! A dear Jane is such a challenge to quilt and you did so with creative excellence! And this is a truly incredible, awe-inspiring quilt! Rusty must be beyond delighted!

Michele said...

That is jaw dropping gorgeous. I've never seen a Dear Jane done in brights like that and I love it!