Friday, May 9, 2014

My Quilt is at HMQS!! :)

Just sharing a few photographs!  If you follow me on Facebook you have likely seen the pictures I shared of my quilt hanging in the show at HMQS this weekend!  If you are in or around Salt Lake City, Utah the show is at the South Town Expo Center and will be going on today and tomorrow I believe until 5pm.  My quilt is in the wall hangings category!  :)

My long distance friend Sonja volunteered this year to hang quilts for the show...she also agreed to take a few photos of my quilt hanging in the show for me since I'm all the way in Ohio and cannot make it to the show.  We kind of laughed that wouldn't it be awesome if out of the 700 or more quilts in the show that she might get to hang mine...and guess what?  She did!!!  It really was a needle in a hay stack type of situation!!!

Above is a photo of my friend Sonja and my quilt!!!  I was happy to read from visitors to the show online that it sparkled really nicely with all of the crystals and beads in the lights.

Here is a picture Sonja shared with me of my quilt hanging on the looks really  nice!  I'm so happy!!

What a fun experience this has been - and I'm looking forward to the valuable advice of the judges.  I am even that much more motivated to get my large quilt ready for MQX now!!!

I am working on Barbara's quilt today though I have been sucked into computer work the last few days and had wanted to be farther ahead than I am.  So today I have to buckle down and get going so I can share some progress pictures!!  Should have something later today!  :)

If you go to the show take a few more photos for me!!!  Never can have too many!!  LOL  ;)


Mom said...

I'm not at the show either...I do have my spies and pals that are there though to report from yesterday's awards, and send home photos!

Michele said...

So fun! Yeah for you. I can't wait to hear more.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Kudos to you for getting a quilt made to enter the show. Although I was in SLC yesterday, we were only passing through on our way from WY to CA and didn't have time to stop. :-( I bet your quilt looked great with all the sparkles in the light. So very glad your friend was able to hang it for you too.