Friday, February 22, 2013

Other Than Quilting!

Hey all!  I'm still quilting away over here!  I had a momentary distraction there for a few days painting and redecorating my oldest daughter's bedroom.  Before you gag - I did NOT choose this color!!!

There is still quite a bit of work to be done but I have some quilts here I'm working on so it'll have to wait.  I'm going to paint the dresser and desk white and the girls are getting a bunk bed to free up some bedroom space in there.  

I was really proud of my thrifty nature in making these curtains!  The zebra print was actually a bed sheet that I cut down to a curtain.  It wouldn't have been long enough had I left it, so we stopped at a thrift shop and I found the hot pink sheet!  It wouldn't fit any of the beds we have here or are coming, so I cut it to accent the zebra.  There is quite a bit of pink left and a bit of zebra so I'm going to try and make matching pillows or pillow cases for the new bed coming.  Not exactly sure what I'll do, but the kids are so excited and so is Mommy!

Next post will be some quilts...then I'll be redecorating the littlest girl's ladybugs!  :)

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Michele said...

Hey if the color makes them happy then why not!