Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Green In My Garden on March 17, 2011

Well, this guy isn't green, but he did come from my garden... ;)

Tulips I left in the containers they came from at the garden center, they lived! Often if I don't plant these it's hit or miss if they come back...SO happy they did.

More tulips popping up in the garden...I can't remember what these looked like, I think they were dark purple and pinks. I'm really excited to see the tulips when they are blooming!

Our March front garden bed...I started this four years ago when we moved into this house. All that was there were the shrubs and the gardening experience started with a few tulips that that put in next to the stoop and has taken over most of the yard. This year I'm getting a start on perennials in the backyard.

Brown...can't wait to see green in here!

Hollyhocks! I have been trying for three years to grow these. The first year I started with some seeds from my Mother's garden that I winter sowed. They grew and grew...and then Hubbers accidently chopped 'em down with the weed whacker. Hence, the brick border that is now there to keep Hubby and his weed whacker away! I started over fresh last year with new winter sown seeds and FINALLY, this year I'm hoping to see blooms. *Fingers Crossed*

More hollyhocks that made it through the winter...

Primrose that came from Hubby's Grandma...was just a hunk she had thrown in a card board box from when she thinned her garden...boy has it multiplied!

Oh it's getting close! It's in the mid 50's today and teasing us all...spring is right around the corner!

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