Friday, December 31, 2010

What is Your Thread Preference?

QUESTION: What is your thread of choice?
I purchased these three spools of Sulky 100% rayon thread to experiment on my circular geese quilt. I have several questions for anyone who'd be willing to offer their two cents!
1. Have you tried this thread and what are your thoughts?
2. What types of thread do you prefer for machine quilting?
3. Could I fill my bobbin with a less expensive solid color to save on variegated thread or should I bite the bullet and spring for the bigger cones?
4. Any other suggestions or comments?
Thank you! ;)


Kim West said...

My favorite thread for quilting is King Tut by Superior. I usually put both in top and the bottom, but have also been thinking about putting a solid in the bottom. They just recently published a chart that shows the conversion to their bottom-line and so-fine threads (which are their solid colors)

Erica said...

I have different threads but particularly like Valdani and the Sulky Blendables. I use the same thread in top and bottom because I'm not a super quilter yet and sometimes, I don't get the tension quite right. If I use the same thread top & bottom then tension boo-boos don't show as badly. Good luck with your project - your work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love Aurifil. I've used King Tut with good results and the same with Sulky but not Rayon. Just curious why you are going with Rayon?

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

To Anonymous - I haven't tried aurifil yet or King Tut but I have heard good things and they are definitely on the list. I haven't any particular reason for going with Rayon other than Sulky Rayon has the best selection of variegated threads at my local Jo-Ann's and they were 50% off. I also really like how shiny rayon thread is. I think it will add another dimension of interest to the quilt when I'm finished. I usually prefer to stick with 100% cotton for quilts that will be worn, so that the synthetic thread doesn't break down the cotton and so that both the thread and fabric wear consistently. But this quilt is more of an art/display quilt and will likely never be washed so I'm feeling more adventurous in my thread choices...I might even bust out the metallics!!!

Thriftyideastoday said...

I love FMQ'ing using variegated thread. i use to buy Sulky and still have a lot of it. Problem I was having was thread breakage. I now use Guterman. I buy them everytime Joanns has a sale.