Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Favorite Spring Blooms

Well, unfortunately my daffodils weren't the show I'd hoped for this year, it was actually this tulip/hyacinth combo on our front stoop! I'd planted more than 100 last fall but a tunneling little mole (who I'm hoping is looking down from heaven right now!) wreaked havoc on them and I'd say only about 40 actually bloomed, while the others only grew foliage and are now dieing out. Poop. Maybe next year I'll have my daffodils... :)

The tulips are now on their last leg, but I've got lily of the valley in full bloom, looking gorgeous next to the fading blooms of bleeding hearts. Will share more pictures if I get time tomorrow! :)


Terry said...

Your tulips and hyacinths are lovely! My mom had squirrels dig up all her crocus bulbs one year. Ornery little critters! LOL

Libby said...

Darn little critters. Hope you have better results next spring.